Victoria Semenets

The work of the author unveils various paths and experiences leading the way on the journey called "life". The confusing and often unclear routes one must take to later find out if correct or mistaken and the necessity to face the results alone regardless of who stands near.

The works are an attempt to recreate a specific atmosphere that narrates a different story focusing on the ambiguities of life. 

The message that is carried across through the paintings may be understood to be about alienation, unresponsive surroundings, human indifference and frustration, the existence in a world of seemingly arbitrary controlling systems, and the futile pursuit of an unobtainable goal.

It is about "creating a universe within an eye of a needle", an endless dogging of a reward in a make-believe game of existential arcades, an ever-present illusion of a victorious path in a forfeited gamble.